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HS toys International (Pvt) Ltd has a line of all new unique, brightly colored wooden toys & educational toys designed to give children endless hours of creative fun. All toys are made of high quality wood and plush materials, made to pass our high quality standards. All SH toys International toys meet or exceed EN71 and EN73 toy testing standards.
Learning Clock
A perfect hands-on learning tool. Children will learn to tell both digital and analog time by simply moving the clock hands and block pieces. Free standing. Made of high-quality wood. Non-toxic paint. 18-1/2\" x 5-5/8\" x 1-1/4\"
Road Signs
If your child likes to play with toy cars or train sets, we can offer him a little direction. Realistic signs will put a new spin on his game. Ideal for any train set or small toy cars.
Ring Toss
Children will have lots of fun while learning important skills such as coordination, color matching and math skills! Tossing the sturdy twine rings onto their matching pegs makes this a real favorite among children. Non-toxic paint. 11-1/4\" hardwood base, 4-1/2\" colored pegs.
Magnetic Animals
Mix ‘n match 15 brightly colored chunky wooden pieces to make animals or invent your own wacky creatures! Strong built-in magnets are easy to connect and stay securely in place. Great for building fine motor skills and eye/hand coordination. Set of 5 animals. Non-toxic paint.
Animal House
Seven beautifully painted wooden animals can enter their house through the wooden gate or by matching them to their respective openings. A fun way of developing shape recognition and hand/eye coordination. Made of high quality wood. Non-toxic paint. 9\" x 6-1/2\" x 6-3/4\"
These pillows open up to themed plush play sets with characters and backgrounds for endless hours of pretend play and imagination. Comes in Forestation, Police, and School bus.
Wooden Tumbler
It\'s as easy as 1-2-3. Match the shapes at the top, watch them tumble down the ramps, and start again. Good for visual tracking, eye hand coordination, and fine motor skills. Ages 2+
Rainbow Blocks
Set of twenty four stunning beach hardwood blocks. Eight pieces each of assorted sand filled shapes, eight pieces of bead filled, and eight colored prism blocks. 24 pieces total in four shapes and six colors.
Here are some of our products: Games and puzzles, children’s Furniture
Arts & Crafts, Push & Pull, Bird House.

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