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Company Introduction

Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for your interest towards our business and our stock of tropical fish. We are
more than glad to provide the relevant information to make your survey beneficial as
We hope our collaboration will be mutually rewarding and we look forward for a friendly
commercial relationship too. Price/Stock list attached along with the mail.
Please find Ordering process, terms & condition below

How to order
1. Send the order details as Purchase Order to ( This should include
the code and quantity of each fish to be ordered)
2. You will be informed about the availability after checking the stock ( within 24 hours)
3. Confirm the order by transferring money to the company’s account.
4. Thereafter, shipment will be arranged within a span 7-10 days
? To prepare the fish and quarantine
? Booking space for shipment
? Preparation of heath certificate & necessary documents.
? To ensure the fish is shipped in very good condition.

Terms and Conditions
? Our company exports live tropical fish only to importers/businesses that hold an import
permit or a license in their country.
? Please check and adhere to the government regulations because it can differ from country
to country.
? The minimum order quantity will be 5 boxes upwards (This is because cheap freight cost
can be obtained only for higher quantities)
? Freight charges: Average 2$ per kg but may vary according to the order quantity and
other charges
? Payment method: 100% advance payment via Telegraphic Transfer ( After your first
purchase, the advance payment can be reduced up to 75% where the rest is paid after
? Please note that prices of the stock of tropical fish may vary with time and therefore
kindly inquire for an updated price list.
Packaging and services
? All specimens will be packed in pressurized and oxygenated double plastic bags.
? The bags will be packed in poly Styrofoam boxes
? The amount of fish per bag will differ according to the size and kind of the fish.
? The quantity of fish per bag will be mentioned in the price/stock list
? All bags will have labels specifying the variety and the quantity of fish.
? Water Quality : PH 5.5-.7.5 (Depends on fish)
? We do repack twice at the day of shipment to ensure good condition.
Packing charges are as follows:
? Per box - 8 USD
? Shipping and handling charges- 2 USD / KG (It may vary
? Document charges : 75 USD will be charged

We guarantee that all fish are well quarantined for 4 days. Any dead or alive should be informed
to us within 24 hours after receiving the shipment for compensation. We will compensate by
replacing the dead fish on you next order (excluding all other additional charges) or credit you
the lost amount.
Any loss caused by a delayed shipment due to technical troubles or a delay in approval upon the
arrival is considered beyond our responsibility. Therefore, such a loss must be shared between
the shipper and the consignee equally.
Provision of Important Documents
We will send along these documents along with the shipment
? Invoice
? Packaging list
? Airway bill
? Health certificate
? Certificate of Origin
(If you require further documents, please let us know beforehand)

Thank You
Best Regards
Ahamed Nabeel – Business Development Officer
Nildiya Aquatic Garden
No 72/A, “Samanala” Naligama
Mirigama, Sri Lanka
+94 767 026 026
Mr. ahamed nabeel

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Nildiya Aquatic Garden
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